Perception of time

3 months. it was three months on Saturday.
I can so easily say it doesnt feel like it. That it feels so much more. but in the same breath I say it feels like yesterday. That i’m still not settled in, and we both say give it time its early days.
Thank you for giving me a home. and home it is. home it has become. not only the place that i go home to at night to rest my tiring body. but a home. a place where i feel i belong. a refuge to retreat to when things get hectic outside. my level of comfort does not reflect the time. Maybe that is a reflection of the fact that i have been here for so much longer. The foundation of bonds being laid so much earlier.


I love you!


The human mind is amazing. we treasure and cherish that which is good and remember them. and that which is bad we try to diminish. This three months holds treasured moments. and we got our live in front of us to build so much more.
I feel i am still fighting demons of the past, but as I deal with past pains, they seem to be getting smaller. The events may still hold pain, but it is not those events that rule my life now. It is the pains of another lifetime. I realise that in some way they will always be there, but if I can get rid of the formalities it would be so much better.
I wish!


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