Moving Forward

So often we start out on a journey not knowing, not knowing if we can, not knowing what the path ahead holds in store for us. We forge ahead based on faith, with a drive for self improvement and getting ahead as our motivators, sometimes with outside support and other times without.
Looking for more in our life, bettering yourself is just following human instinct whether it is a search for more knowledge, more happiness, more love, more (self-)fulfillment… its filling a hunger to fill ouselves and attain contentment, satisfying both physical and emotional needs.
Whether there are loved ones urging you on from the outside definitely makes any path trodden an easier one to walk, cos at points where you falter, stumble and sometimes even fall, they are the ones to hold our hand, carry you when you cant any more, and pull you out of the ditch that you fell into at the side of the road (or dug yourself into, lol).

Thank you to all the people who has been in my life holding my hand, pulling me out of holes and carrying me when my own feet cant. Love to all of you!!


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