Creatures of Habit

Are we all creatures of habit? Do we look for what is familiar and in there lies our comfort zone? What happened to the sense of adventure and exploring the unknown and unchartered territory.
And since the feeling of growing and wanting more out of life pushes up so too would you expect that sense of adventure and exploration to simultaneously grow, fueled by this very desire. But yet when we find something we like we hold on, hold on for dear life. We continue along the path, but not letting go of what we have gained. Hold on to the treasures. For this treasure is now what defines you. And becomes part of you. And the move forward is not an option, but we do so in ways to hold onto what we have.
But does this limit the endless possibilities?
For me, i think not.
I would much rather charter and grow, and gain treasures along the way, moving away from that which is harmful (instinctive, I think), and thus defining who we are, our principles and what we value. This rather than moving for the sake of moving, and in there moving away and losing all that is valuable in our lives, all in the hope of a pipe dream which is somewhere out there.
Move, and be enriched in the process.
Smiles, happiness, laughter … make the moments count… make the journey worthwhile


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