Walking your path

The journey of Life does not require us to necessarily walk our path alone.
What we do need to do is bear our own cross – carry the consequence for our own actions by ourselves as we are answerable. Yes, environment and people around us may influence, but ultimately it is YOU and only you who needs to take responsiblity.
But that being said, the path is by no means a solitary one. We are born and have parents, caregivers and loved ones to help us along the way. As we grow we gain independence, the ability to do and decide without intervention. And at the same time, we forge bonds, make friends, become close to our families. We find solace and comfort on leaning on those we love. a hug. a word of support. a hand to hold.
To know that you are not alone in the moments you are most within yourself is probably the most precious. a gem into itself, priceless beyond words, beyond time.
Sharing the moments of meaning adds the value and makes them last a lifetime.
And its not always people who are the nearest and dearest to you. Sometimes the people who you share a special moment with is someone who you just met and might even never see again – and yes, because of something you remember them for a lifetime, and sometimes it is seasonal – you are together because of environment, e.g. colleagues at work, and they part of what you go through, and that has value, but you move apart because you no longer in that situation. Doesnt make the value any less, or the moment any less real. and then there are the people who you always want around. That you want their footsteps to accompany yours along the path of life. very often it doesn’t come easy. Paths are entwined, yes, but can so easily go in different directions … so hold onto the people you want around, work on those relationships. Dont just assume that your loved ones are there to stay. Show appreciation for what you have. Show them you love them. Show that you want them around. and walk together. Footsteps walking alongside each other, along the same path …


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