Sometimes we set off on a journey with a goal in mind. A vision of what we want. A dream of what could be. And we chase that goal. We invest time and energy into getting across the finish lines.
The milestones are not always tangible, but enough to keep us going.
Especially when the task is big, or the journey is long, it is but human to be setting mini goals along the way to keep the motivation. We remind ourselves of why we on the path. What was the reason that we want the end goal.
And many times we stray. Other priorities so easily creep in, and depending on urgency and importance, certain things take backseat. We always need to first satisfy primary needs and that always takes priority. But if goals are moved up the ranking of urgency and importance, we make the time for it, we invest the energy to make it come to fruition. Whether you need to invest money into it, offer up time which sometimes is the most difficult to juggle, the underlying motivation is probably the factor that needs to be looked at most. “What will the attainment of the goal give you”. Even though right here and now feels like you are sacrificing something you want, the greater picture becomes all-important.
And quite often there is a spillover effect. achievement of one thing, makes fulfillment on other fronts easier as nothing exists in isolation. Heightened adrenaline, happiness, fulfillment, laughter … it all adds up. And it affects everyone around you too.
Yes, it’s so easy to stray. So easy to forget, especially when the journey is long and difficult. It becomes a conscious effort to avoid stagnation. The potential for more is always locked inside. Dream the dream and then make it a reality.
This doesn’t mean the direction, the dream can’t change. In fact, it is good to check that we still going where you want to go, and not just going for the sake of moving. As circumstances change, so often our dreams, wants and needs change with it too.
But try not to forget the dream. With loved ones at our side for support, who we can sometimes lean on if needed, we need to carry the dream.


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