Reaching out

When we dip the hardest thing to do is to reach out,
reach out to those closest to you.
So easy it is for our mood to take a u-turn, or even a slight bend.

Just as we think we floating,
no need to put in more effort,
the hill is behind me,
I got over the difficult part so right now I’m in cruise mode,

and because “I’m OK” and you cruise, float, drift in happiness and
suddenly you get knocked off that perch.
and you sit there and ask yourself “How the Heck did that just happen”.

from a gust of invisible wind
and just at a time when there wasnt even a breeze
out of nothingness.


and then you sit there,
questioning the fairness
especially moreso because you happy.
Finally happy.
finding what you never had before.
and so much more.

so why?
why now?
where is it coming from?
what is causing this?

but then you feel someone holding your hand.
Holding you.
as you never been held before.

except you have never been held before.
So how do you accept that extended hand.
and you know its being extended, not generally, but extended for you.
and yet you can’t find strength to reach out.

but then you realise…
that you being held anyway
you don’t need to reach out
you don’t need to say it
There is someone holding you already
holding your hand
holding you
holding me

I am not ALONE!!!



2 Responses

    LOVE YOU DIEJ!!!!!

  2. 🙂 You’re a wonderful fantastic person and friend. Believe in yourself and know that you have friends around you. Love you too!!!

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