What has Value

Value to you and value to me may not be the same thing.

And it’s not about how much something cost. It’s about what it means to me. It’s about realising the worth of what you have when you have it. Loosing something of value can tear you apart. And just because I say it has value doesn’t mean you will think the same. What I attach and what you attach to the same thing, material, event or emotion can be completely different based on perspective.

Treasure that which is in your life when you have it, not when you lose it. Make the most of everyday…it sounds cliché to say but we need to live life to the fullest. We get bogged down in what is wrong, and the problems, nit-pick on the little things…

I was asked a bigger question: What would you give up to make the problems go away…if you are given a chance to DO-OVER what would you choose…then you ask yourself is it worth it?

I lost something this week. or thought i did. I was miserable. How much was it worth? To me: Irreplaceable … to the world out there: zilch. It wasnt about how much it cost. It never was. It was about the meaning and the value it held to me. Even if I was to receive another, it wouldn’t been the same. It would not have carried the same meaning. Alghamdullilah, it wasnt gone.

Few things happened recently to cause me to go on this route of thinking and made me realise how quickly things change. We don’t know what our future holds.
Treasure the things that means much to us. Treasure the moments that make our life special. Treasure the people who adds value to our lives.


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