Saying Nothing…

Silence speaks volumes

just because nothing is said, doesn’t mean there is nothing.
so much to say, so much going on. so much to sort. so much to think of .so much to do.
but you don’t see
wish you could see
see into the depth of my soul
the paining that is there
yes, old pain
not caused by you

but there anyway.
I wish it would go away.
and not raise its head.
silly pain
not worth it, wasnt worth it then, and definitely isn’t worth it now.

realisations were made so so long ago
and thus directions were taken in accordance with my well-being
so in there I need to find solace
but the sense of peace seems to elude me
if only it didn’t infringe on the rest of my life

it has no place in the now
so why is it here

I am alone in my nothing…


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