Feeling feelings

Why do we feel the things we feel
why do we try to block what we feel
why is it that the instinctive reactions is to shut down when we feel too much

can we not cope
is it too much for our frail human bodies.
not sure what it is

last night i had a fever. went from hot to a shivering cold fever in minutes. my body pulled stiff. i couldn’t function. it was shut down mode for me. i had to go straight to bed. I couldn’t anymore. into the hot shower i went to defrost my limbs, and yet i was freezing, and straight to bed.

We feel, and we feel with intensity. sometimes crippling intensity. We love with our entire being, giving unreservedly, blindly, some would call it. we experience joy that it spills over, rushing with adrenaline.
we cry, feeling pain, intense pain, and with that an uncontrollable sob, crying the pain away.
we feel anger, which can fester into intensity and manifest in so many ways, depending on introversion or extraversion of your personality

but it is all this which makes us human
feeling the feelings which makes us a living being
feeling joy
feeling love
feeling pain
feeling happiness
feeling empathy
feeling sadness
feeling anger
feeling love
feeling feelings


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