Aim for balance

We talk, we sort, we try. Things are out of balance, out of sync. We adjust, we try new ways. And the comfort of the previous routine is ripped out. And you start trying to find a new comfort, and new routine. But you realise this is not working either, not for you. Not for me. Nor for you. So what now. We go back to old. Which in itself is a bit more comforting. But the balance that wasn’t there before is still out. So what now. We still need to eliminate the part that doesn’t work. So keep the structure, and we try new things again.

But do we all want to? Why not hold onto the comfort. But what is the comfort really worth if you are not comfortable? We in this together. So we all got to make sacrifices.

So allow freedom to see where the need is. The need is where the need has always been. so allow the freedom to do what is needed and the freedom to give what is wanted.

I’m gonna let go
Let go of my neediness
That’s the only way


… Now to figure out how to not need without shutting myself off …
or maybe temporarily?


One Response

  1. Switching off is neva a good option to take. Rather attempt to shift. It might prove difficult, but might be easier than trying to switch on again.

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