In sickness

My baby (ok, he’s not so little) been sick for a few days now. So I’ve had an abnormally clingy son, and back to doing night drills it’s been for a few nights now. After 5 nights of getting up, I finally had a night of undisturbed sleep. Or should I say I had no midnight calls for mommy, even though my sleep was still very much lighter than normal, listening out to see if his sleeping patters were normal, or still coughing or any other problems.

But this sparked another thinking process within me…

Appreciation for what is, and what isn’t in my life.
Treasuring moments spent together.
How quickly things change, gets taken away.
How little I had before
So what is the yearning about.
it’s not yearning for what was, it wasn’t there.
or is it just the want and the strife towards the ideal?

ok, another thought …
so often we hear of someone seriously ill… a loved one who had a heart attack, stroke, or even worse, a terminal illness – how do we deal with it? we visit once, show our sympathies, and fade away into the darkness…is that really supporting the ones we love? I guess it depends on how close we where to that person before. If the person formed part of your daily life, they will still be that to you until the day of their demise. We will include them in our prayers, not generally, but specifically. We will make the effort of going to visit, as we did in the days before they got sick.

Don’t worry about moments lost.
We got to use what is here now and work towards what we want
so isn’t that the strive towards the ideal?

But in striving towards that ideal we cannot persecute those around us for not striving at the same pace, or for not getting to the goal post. Even if goals are shared, that person may have more obstacles in their path in order to get to the same post, or may be carrying extra burdens, and need to sort out more urgent things first. So many reasons, but all we focus on is our own needs, our own race to achieve.

Is that really fair?

We need to find peace within ourselves.
Internal Peace
Internal Happiness


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