When is the foundation for a relationship actually laid? and how is the blocks cemented together?
Is it when we meet, those first impressions that last a lifetime?
Or is it those first few times we speak and get to know each other?

Well, yes, the first impression does count. And the first few times we meet and get to know each other does form that initial cementing that draws us closer, especially where you see your values and principles are similar and the building blocks that defines has an overlap. And the cement is what we share with each other. And often we then walk paths together, bringing us closer together.

And yes, I truly believe that friendship is a strong foundation for marriage. For me, an essential pillar for a good and lasting marriage. together with the absolutely essential: trust, closely followed by love and caring. But all relationship, not only within your marriage, and with your partner does this analogy apply.

As you integrate your life with that of your friend, the blocks are laid, and the cement is the sharing. The things that will always bond you. even when you move apart.

But what if the moving apart is not just due to the circumstances of life. But instead because one person the relationship wants to break the ties. Needing space. Or breaking down what is sacred in your memories. Does it show a shift in principles and a drift apart. I think the constant tugging chips away against the cement. In the end its only the bricks, and nothing that holds it together. One must therefore fight to hold onto what you want in your life. Treasure the relationships that you hold dear. Show appreciation for those who make a positive contribution and not push them out when in fact we want them near.

But truth is we build everyday. Our relationships are never stagnant.
We meet new people everyday.
We grow closer to some, and apart from others.
Other people remain close to us in our hearts forever (even if we don’t get to see them daily)

How you treat me now is the basis of which direction we go into tomorrow.
Now is the foundation for the future…


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