Losing a need

We all have needs. Primal Basic Needs.

I’m not even referring to tangible needs. More foundational and basic than that: Hunger, thirst, roof over our heads, to be loved, a sense of belonging.

Higher needs we consciously strive for: a better job, car, education etc, and the recognition or outcome is also tangible and recognised: a promotion, the salary increase, a graduation ceremony, a certificate, the new car, new house. But especially at the more basic level it is often an unconscious process to battle to fulfil those needs. And quite often we don’t even realise the need has been filled. Because it’s so basic. So primal. So instinctively needed.

The only clue that may indicate the need being fulfilled is your happiness, your increased smiles, your laughter ringing out regardless of time of day. The open appreciation of your life as it now stands. For the progress you made. For the path walked and journey travelled.

But what if you lose that very thing you needed. You craved for such a long time. You got it. And now it’s gone. It was ripped away in an instant. And it’s no one’s fault. You cannot lay blame at anyone’s door. And it’s not tangible. You cannot just go to the shop and buy another. It cannot be replaced.

Time is the Key.


2 Responses

  1. Ever considered that nothing has been ripped away, but just lying somewhere, hiding under a pile, a layer of sand, camoflaged?

    Just look a bit closer, like energy, nothing dissappears it just sometimes changes forms, shape or size.

    • Yes Cass, the energy was directed in other directions, away from me, thus the loss was felt. The loss of what I had, and perhaps didnt appreciate enough.
      & as I said time is the key, the key to telling whether it comes back my way. And yes, effort needs to come from my side too. “Fight for that which you value”.

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