What is Home?

Home …

Your safe space
Your sanctuary
The place you can let go
the place you know you’re safe, protected

that you are loved
that you are needed
that you are wanted
that you are cared for

where you can let your hair down
no guards
no barriers
no pretences

it’s the time for me
it’s time for you
it’s time to nurture
it’s time to be

a place to recover
a place to grow
a place to recoup and regroup
and gather the energies

the base from which we operate
and take on whatever we dare to dream
with new hope to take on all we can
supported, loved, nurtured, being all we can be

a place to come back to when we fall
knowing that when you step within the walls
you will be held, sometimes carried
until you walk again on you own

sheltered from the world out there
from the elements, the wind, the rain the cold
from the harshness of the sun
but also from the outside, the external

what is left is the internal
the ones who see through when the blinds are drawn
who knows without you saying a word
who knows you.

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