Achieving the Goal

I wrote previously in a post about starting off on a journey not knowing, not knowing how to get to the goal post, and about milestones not being tangible along the way. Sometimes because the end is so far away. And then also similarly for a 1000 other reasons.
But when that goalpost is reached, the milestones feel like mere flags in the wind. It is ultimately the reaching of that point that matters and makes all else seem miniscule in comparison. The adrenaline from the achievement of the overall is all that matters.
So what needs to be done is breaking up that end goal into mini goals, focus on the milestones, the small things, the daily things that we achieve and find the joy in them, the motivation to continue and take solace from this. Build our strength from this.
‘cos so easily we dip.
And then motivation is the hardest thing to get. Because we don’t have the strength to get up. To get started again. So how is it done? Especially considering all the other pressures of our life which rules, how is it done. So many things to see to, financial, family, loved ones. Social Commitments, time for rest, time to relax, time to recuperate from the week gone by. So where still is the time to do anything else if it doesn’t fit into work, and work time. There barely is enough time for anything else: TV, reading, sleeping, a movie.
So how?
No, I don’t have the answer.
So easily it gets said that we have time and make time for what we want to do. But I don’t think this statement carries truth absolute. Yes, we TRY and make time for that which we want in our lives. We strive for this. But quite often we do not get to everything we want. It’s just not humanly possible. Something suffers, even if it the amount we sleep.
So how do we get balance?
I don’t think there is a quick and easy answer. I think its more the continual strive toward balance that keeps us going. The knowledge that the urgent and absolutely urgent is getting done, together with the routine stuff that needs to be done for survival.
But what about the more, the higher goals which ultimately gets us to go further, which is neither important nor urgent. Then it boils down to internal motivation. Finding why you embarked in this direction in the first place. Why you want to achieve the goal. And because the overall goal is not urgent and can so easily by engulfed and overlooked by other pressures, we need to set our own mini-milestones otherwise the place we want to get to in two years time will never happen. We need to slowly work towards getting there. set goals for the week, for the month and try to keep to that. Else July passes and so does August. And then it’s Ramadan and then its examinations. And then its my health, im needing an operation. I can do it while i’m at home, but when at home, I just dont have the energy, I’m so drained from everything else. And then it’s something else and something else, and before you know it you wipe out your eyes and no progress has been made.
So close and yet so far.
And especially when you so easily put your goals on the back-burner we are consumed by the normal humdrum of life. But being a drone is not becoming of me. It has no appeal. I need to rise above.
So set the little goals. Achieve a little bit. Walk another step. Each step is a step closer. Sometimes that next step cannot be taken alone. Lean on those close by, those who are extending their hand for you to lean on. Sometimes for a little while we need that walking stick, and looking back, without that I wouldn’t be where I am today without it: Friends urging you along, loved ones encouraging you because they have faith in you, more faith than you have in yourself.
And looking back, you see you took not one, but 5 steps, 10 steps…
You realise the 10 steps you just took was 1 flight of stairs.
And then with your next 10 steps, it becomes 2 flights, which means you on the next floor. You pat yourself on the back, as you are now one level up.
So focus on that one step, and only that one step, for every step is closer to the next landing.
and note that the steps are not unstable. Sometimes we slip and fall, but we never alone. Our loved ones are right there pulling us up and getting back to where we fell from is just so much easier because it is a path already travelled. This time I know how.
So I reach the top floor I go out onto the roof. I see the sun. I know I’ve reached my goal.
It seems unreal, because all I did was do what I did before: FOCUS ON THE STEP IN FRONT OF ME.
And suddenly the adrenaline hits, I did it! You can’t stop smiling. I did it!

Just do it!

Try, even when it seems impossible.

Do one thing at a time.

Don’t focus on the mountain, focus on the next step.


2 Responses

  1. O wow!! interestingly written…. n everything true…
    Just the one step is what we dread but that’s what we need, today, tomorrow and always.

    The feeling of adrenaline rush at the top is worth the pains and struggles on way. This was my first visit here and I liked it. Thanks.

    Happy writing.

  2. Thanks Sunny. Keep visiting

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