Directions and being directionless

Where are you going? Does one ever really know. I guess not really, because there is so many variables. We decide to the best of our knowledge in accordance with our principles and what we want out of life. And from there we make the best of things. We cannot control everything, but we do control our own actions.

Being in control of our own actions, and being responsible for those actions and its outcomes is a huge step towards maturity and accepting where you are in life. Doesnt mean you can’t strive for more. But it does define acceptance of where you are and why you got there.

Wandering around, directionless, is a part of life. And is good for you, sometimes. Gives you a chance to recover from the challenges which life throws your way. But to move forward, to not just exist, we need to find direction. But this direction is not painted on the street corner. We find this from deep, deep inside us. From our core. So you gotta listen to yourself to find the direction you need to go in order to be true to yourself and achieve in life that what you truly wish for.

For me, looking back at this year, and the progresses achieved, the leaps I’ve taken then to take time out for recovery does not seem line a bad idea. So certain things, like my studies can take a seat on the back-burner for now. And focus can turn to where I am more needed: work, my personal life, and more specifically my son.

So for me the overall direction is still there, but for now, for a little while maybe I should wander around and explore my new surroundings I find myself in.


2 Responses

  1. As I am a directionally challenged person I can relate LOL. Sometimes when you can’t even remember where you left the path behind is where you actually find new choices to make. Good Luck!

  2. Sometimes thats where the fun lies … finding new paths. As long as you remain true to your priciples I maintain all is well becasue you still going in the right direction 🙂

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