Hammered Integrity

What do you do if there is people out there slandering your name. Not bothering to find out what the truth is. Actually I think the truth doesn’t really matter to those individuals.

Easy to say stay away and cut the ties, but that is not an option. Because there are bindings which tie you forever, even if you’re not close, even if they don’t matter. But yet seeing those it affects, those closest to you then how can you even consider staying close or standing party to let it happen.

What it does to me I don’t care about. In fact, because I have accepted the directions I have moved my life into, I am quite comfortable that I moved into better by moving away. And knowing in my core that I tried everything before I took the steps I did makes me secure in carrying on forward without being tempted into looking back, not even by the attempts to get me to turn around. The latest is the constant shouts by onlookers to say “You are going the wrong way”. Damn, I know I was going the wrong way all the years, where were you then to shout at me, I know I went wrong before, and I know this is not it!What hurts though is not what it does to me, but what it does to those around me, those I love. I did what I did. And they can’t get to me. So now the ones I love are targeted. You and you and you. I hate that. Because I love yous. I feel responsible, but I cannot control others’ behaviour. I know its beyond my control, but it is because of me that you are now having to suffer.

I just think it questions your integrity and your honor. And that in itself goes against my principles. To demean someone in that way just defies the very core of who I am.

Somebody whispering the wrong things in someone elses ear. It’s upsetting. Anger rises. Someone is not affecting you, they not even talking to you. Granted, it is about you!
There is no way of fighting back. Or is there?


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