The dash in the middle

Have you have heard of the saying: “It isn’t the dates on the tombstone but the dash in between them that counts” meaning a person isn’t made up of the day they were born or the day they died, it is the dash in between that counts.

But what do we do to make it count? Living, plodding surviving, is it enough? I think not. We need to move forward and at least try to live life to the fullest. Easy things to say, but what does this really mean, using time to the maximum, not wasting your life away, not letting life pass you by. Set goals, live for your dreams, find new directions.

Enjoy your days, spending it doing what is important to you. Sometimes for some being with our family or with our children gives us that fulfilment. Sometimes its the achievement of the next goal. Other times its learning something new. Or seeing new places, or letting the creative juice flowing. Seeing your child reach new heights can give joy. Even something as simple as being able to relax in the arms of a loved one. All of this adds to having more in our lives.

We do not live in isolation. What we do affects those around us. Give freely. You never know what the effect of your actions are on others, and sometimes something we perceive as small may carry the so much value in another person’s life.

We so often take things for granted, and we shouldn’t. We do not know what lies ahead. The people we love most may not be with us tomorrow, so appreciate them today. We may have money and luxury today, and a calamity may hit, and we sit with nothing tomorrow. So do not squander today as if there is no tomorrow in sight. Appreciate what you have. And plan ahead.

But remember regardless of our plans, God is the greatest of planners.
All can change in an instant.


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