Nurtured or not

A hug, a loving embrace, but not only that. The feeling of being supported, that someone has your back. That you know someone cares about the outcomes that affects you.

So yes, there is an aspect of physical and emotional to being nurtured. Were you nurtured? Truly Nurtured. Nurtured in all senses of the word. Emotionally and Physically.

When we are little it is usually the nurture of parents, caregivers and later our teachers that feeds us, feeds that internal desire to be loved. Later it includes our siblings, extended families and our friends. And then as we mature it is the bond with our friends that satisfies that need.

But unfortunately a lack in the first instance, the bond between parents/ caregiver, can cause you to later be unable to form the other bonds. They are important bonds that give value to your live later. And it’s amazing how much you can be affected. How solitary you can become without really realising it. How messed up you are because you can’t even maintain platonic friendships let alone romantic ones.

You do not always blame yourself immediately though. But over time you may realise it is because you can’t reach out to others. You are so closed up that you do not really meaningfully engage with those around you.

So those early hugs, the snuggles, the warm embraces, holding your baby till he falls asleep on your chest or nestled in the nook of your arm are all critically important. Playing with them lovingly, laughingly, tickling till they wanna run, holding them till the laughter exudes from their body, and looking down into their innocent eyes and seeing nothing but joy and hope. Knowing that they are so completely secure in your love.

This is the foundation we seek to give our children, so that they later give the love to others. Care for those around them. Can be there in the way you were for them.


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