Sitting on the fence

We all need rest sometimes. Rest for our tiring bones. to see what is going on around us. The fence is a good vantage point for resting. To see. To view. To assess. Before we move on to better pastures. To choose which road to go down, who we want to walk with, and what the destination should be. Finding your path, I guess.

My life has taken so many turns that I would never have guessed a year ago where I would be now. And lots of this for the better. Alhamdulilah. And yes, I am happy with the path taken and road travelled. Getting married, finishing my degree, moving, so many things. Is there things I would want to change? Not the direction, no, but small things yes, there are things that I wish for. One of the biggest examples is probably the custody issues still hanging unresolved.

Gathering strength, recuperating from all I have gone through is actually taking me longer than expected. But then what do I expect after all that has happened. But on the flip side of that you also gotta realise that things is actually calm enough for me to sit perched on the fence to recuperate. I am not hiding in a hole ducking from passing ammunition trying to gather enough strength to put the next foot forward. 🙂

I am actually sitting on the fence, secure, looking around and gathering strength.

And whatever battles lies ahead, I am not alone.


8 Responses

  1. You bet you’re not!!!

  2. I found you by following the post from Sweetipie… who I found elsewhere… and you are not alone… neither of you are… because I am as you are, part of a triad, like you… we are out there… and you are not alone!

    ***smiles*** and {{{hugs}}}

    • Nice to hear from you. Do stay in contact. its nice to know there is more positivity out there, as its so hard to find. Do you blog too?

      • No, not yet, but I think it’s only because I haven’t yet stepped up to the task, having so much else to do, all of which fills my days… is it difficult to set up? Yours and your sisterwife’s (and your husband’s) are all so attractive. It like journaling… writing in a diary… and scrap-booking (for all or no-one to see). A lovely expression of your thoughts and feelings. Bravo, well done.

        Thank you for the warm welcome. I hoped not to be thought of as a mad stalker LOL….

      • LOL. Definitely not. really good to make contact. 😀
        No, the blog is not difficult to setup, especially cos wordpress got themes setup. Probably ther more difficult part is finding time to write 😉 and yes, good way of putting it, its journalling for ‘all or no-one’ to see!!!

  3. I see you made two entries today as I got two alerts, but I can’t find the second one, about belonging. It says I need to enter a password, but I don’t know how or where… can you help me?

    I hope you are well….

    • This is TJC (above) with a brand-new account… testing…!

  4. Hi Dearest Lady Wiccanwoman

    I have one post for today at

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