Strangled creativity


Inspiration needs to flow free,
coming from within
coming from what we see around us
and what we feel inside
expressed in different ways  

when dictated to or prescribed
we stick to the confines
of the box presented
stifling, limiting,structured
not free

so how are we to be all we can be
be what we are meant to
releasing the potential
the potential of being all we can be  

give me the tools
give me the knowledge 
give me the wisdom
give me the freedom


to learn from my surroundings
to watch and appreciate even minute detail
to hear the little crickets filling the silence
to see beyond the shadows
to break the mold of what was


and then use my own feelings
my own styles and methods
to use my own creativity
and touch of me    


and from here will come newness
new creations
new flowers
new fruits  

promises delivered
promises fulfilled
in my own ways
and by my own means  

give the freedom
and see the beauty
after all is that not what you want too?




2 Responses

  1. Deep…, I like these thoughts. From the darkness of the past few months/years into the light

    • and its getting better by the day, Algamdulilah

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