Cleansing my Soul

Sometimes tears need to flow
I need it to flow
Flow freely
Flow from my soul

It used to flow cos I was sad,
I was breaking
I couldn’t handle things
And didn’t know how to help myself

Sometimes it was to express the frustration
And anguish or irritation 
Of not being able to get through barriers
And of not being understood

Sometimes it flows cos I don’t see the way
‘Cos I feel lost and directionless
In feeling alone
And trying to find the path

It used to flow cos I felt I wanted more from life
Like there was so much more in store for me
But that I can’t access, had no key to
And was hidden behind locked doors

I cried when I found the key
When things got better
When I saw the light
When I started to feel again 

Now sometimes it flows cos I am happy
For the expression of joy
And the overflow of emotion, good emotion
Of which I know no other way to express

I cry when I am unable to express the feelings
When my heart overflows
When I feel all the feelings
Just because there are no longer walls

I cry when my heart goes out to you
When I cannot help
When I see you suffering
And I can’t see a solution

I cry when it all gets too much
Good or bad
Awesome or awful
Just because



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