Traffic of life

Movements of life. The to and fro is the way we go. Coming here, going back. Trying this and that. Today we try something, tomorrow go via a different route cos todays’ way didn’t work. That is the way we fix things.

Progress is made by virtue of the milestones we pass along the way, the things we achieve so it’s not meaningless motions, but in fact moving from one destination to the next. But methods and paths is not always clear. And it isn’t always a smoothly paved road.
Allah puts tests and trials for us along the way and all of this builds character.

Bridges and steps, mountains and hills, rivers and streams, little bumps and forks in the roads are all encountered on the meandering path. So just because we traveling along a bumpy gravel road today, don’t despair, it may be the path to get to that smoothly paved tar road ahead. but sometimes it’s not a gravel path, but one overcrowded by shrubs and vines, so take care, build strength, find the tools to overcome what is in our path. For sometimes it is not only a matter of sidestepping the shrubs, avoiding the stones, but cutting back some of the vines to make space for you to move through.

Along the path there are sometimes signs to show us the way. Its is these little blessings from Allah we accept, we listen to and we follow for these are the warning signals, the danger zones which helps us escape the potholes of life. The curveballs which gets thrown our way. Very seldom is the road a straight smooth ride. So if there’s a bridge going over the river, why not use it!!!

Then there is a question of who moves with you along this path. We do not live in isolation. We find friends and family along the way walking the journey with us. Very rarely is there someone who walks the entire path with us, so when we do, we need to treasure these rare gems. There are those who move past us, we see, but there going in other directions, so they don’t really have an impact on us. Some, even though they move in opposite directions, have an impact on you and gone again, for a minute, for an event they have an impact because of some incident. There are some that move with you in the same direction, but not closely – acquaintances. There are some who are close, but quickly turn off the path that you are travelling – friends for short period, but thanks to the cyber highways which exist we are more able to stay in contact. Then you got those who supposedly are travelling to the same destination, you can see them going, but are sometimes close, sometimes not but always there – your extended family. Also there are those with whom you travel with in convoys, that you will do all to protect, to prevent then from having a crash, that you will clear the path for them , and these are your loved ones, your close family and dearest of friends. These are the people that makes the journey absolutely pleasurable and sometimes gives meaning to travelling the road of life.

We usually decide based on principle, who we have alongside us, and which direction and path to follow. And remember that with Allah at our side all the paths will lead into goodness. The curves and bumps we encounter along the way may vary for each of us. Make the moments count, make the encounters we have along the way meaningful, in other words, live life to the fullest all the time. The fastest route is not necessarily the best. 🙂

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