Expectations and Openness

Walls break down
and with the openness
develops a closeness
a beauty shared

 a beauty which transgresses barriers
goes across time
eradicates old pain
heals wounds

and with that the walls around my core
are shredded, eradicated into oblivion
and are no more
as it is not needed

it’s not needed with you
‘cos protection is not needed from you
with you I can be open
I can be me

but the price of openness there is
it opens up needs from deep within
it opens up wants usually suppressed
it opens up feelings needing to be nurtured

no turning back
this is where I WANT to be
don’t want to build walls again
don’t want to be locked off from ME

So we try to nurture the feelings
see if the needs can be met
and if the wants can be accommodated
in order to keep the newly found openness open

I build new habits
create new routines
find new comforts
seek new treats

 and sometimes we find that which gives us the solace
the knowledge permeating till deep in your core
that this is the perfection that you have been seeking
that makes it the perfect place to be

and I go look for the affirmation
that feed and nurtures my soul
and I may sometimes seek it again in the same place
and therefore there is sometimes expectations

to be nurtured
cared for



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