Obstacles in your path

What do I do when I see a loved one struggling
When I see you needing
But the words coming out of you are saying the opposite
Saying you can cope
Saying that we assistance is not needed
but signals show exactly the opposite

I cannot just stand and watch
I cannot be a spectator
I cannot do nothing
I love you too much
Love You my sis

Inclination is to jump up and jump in
trusting my own instinct
and do all I can
but what can I really do
and in that question of what is possible
and not forgetting what is best
and what will be of most help
I become immobilized
so it feels like im not there
not with you
not helping enough
not doing anything

Except I amI try to do or say all I can 
and maintain distance when that seems best
try to lighten the load
so there is less to worry about when it is possible
even if those are not emotional stuff
visible stuff
and more routine and run of the mill
hopefully it gets counted
all as part of helping

You saying you don’t need help
sounds hollow at times
cos we see you struggling, sinking 
you not even trying to clutch onto the walls that is there
so we try to help in ways we can
clearing the path
clearing the way
removing the obstacles
big and small
boulders filling the path or little rocks we can go around
to you finding what you are needing
so that you can carry on
and move along the path
with difficulties removed

Dont Panic!
You not alone
We are here
whether the road is smooth & straight  
or bumpy or muddy
we walk the path with you
and go through the bumps and mud together

look around you will see
if you lift the blocks
and lower the walls
you will feel us
see that we are there with you

so let us in
we are here

    Just don’t let go!   



2 Responses

  1. 😦

  2. trying to help, not make you 😦

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