Blessings in Disguise

So we go through difficulties and we see the obstacles. There are mountains and hills ahead, and along the way there may be a ditch or two…

But sometimes we gotta see the beauty of what we pass along the way too. Appreciate how what we going through makes us stronger. And also the side effects of what we get due to being on that mountain. Stop to smell the flowers and appreciate the view. We don’t always know why Allah places trials on us and we don’t know what the future holds. All we do is try to choose what we see to be the best direction we can for the path we want to follow. Without stopping we wont even see the potential of what could be.

I got to spend an awesome weekend between people who loves me. My first Eid in my new home. My son with me. And then he got to spend time with his Dad the rest of the weekend. With many other friends and family stopping by. Or staying for bit longer 🙂 Meeting of new people. Re-bonding of old. It was great. I guess for me its the relationships that makes and gives value to life. I will admit that there was sadness for those who I did not get to see, those that remain in my prayers and who I love dearly always!

The passing of a family member. Some sadness that accompanies death. Realisations of what we want to do how life should be appreciated. The fragility of life. And how we should treasure relationships. Made me think of how we need to invest time and energy for those we love. Make the effort to reach out to our loved ones. Mend broken relationships. Mend bridges and find the love that binds us. But it also death which could draw us closer together. We depend on people we didn’t need to before. newness comes out of that which is left behind. We just have to make the best of what we have available to us.

We always have to remember that it doesn’t always come in a jar and have a label: This is for you. Allah gives us little parcels in little ways, sometimes from the strangest places. We just gotta be open to receiving, looking for the good.

But more importantly we gotta give freely. Give for the sake of giving, not for the sake of getting. Else it does not even mean much. Is it then even sincere?


2 Responses

  1. You just make me feel all warm am fuzzy inside. I treasure that I could have you as my wing(wo)man and also be yours. Because of you and a few others this had also been my best eid eva. 🙂 Love you too much!

    • Just don’t forget I am here for you.
      Love you too!!!! very much

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