A Marshmallow Monday

Why am I feelings so soft and melancholy today. Try as I might to snap out I’m still here, and that’s not a good thing cos I have so much to do.

you probably thinking why the title.

Well, a while ago my son asked me why you only get chocolate ‘Sundays’ why not a chocolate Monday. So often Mondays are blue. So why not brighten it up with a chocolate sundae, making it a chocolate monday. Me being an ice-cream person, smiled and chuckled about it and kept that thought and whenever a monday feels blue, I brighten it with the thought of a sundae. lol

but today…

today there is no chocolatey exterior…

there is no protection…

there is the mellowness of a sunday ….

wanting to creep into me ….

wanting to feel the feelings, sort out what is piling up

but there is extreme vulnerability….

and so much to sort.

On a monday, a day in office, filled with meetings, filled with noise, filled with tasks, filled with needs, filled with “busy”-ness, filled with colleagues, filled with walk-ins, filled with work:

How do I cope with marshmallows.

I need the chocolate coating …

I need to be protected

 for I still need to sort the feelings

And yes, I had yesterday, but it wasnt enough …

and even if I did have today for me, truth is it still wouldn’t be enough.

the list is too long

but I just gotta start scratching them off one by one

else a day like yesterday is just going to re-occur

when it all just got too much for me

and all I ended up doing was nothing

for that was all I could cope with

cos everything else was just too much

and then in dreamland it was all floating around

trying to sort itself

trying to make sense of it all

and now I am left with needing another mellow Sunday…

3 Responses

  1. still not down!!! just need time 🙂

  2. great post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you. Do visit again. I went to visit your blog too 🙂 nice!

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