What is motivation
where do you find it
how do you know it can be done by me
or how do you get me to do it

can’t be bought
can’t be forced
can’t be imposed
can’t be fooled

but where do you find it
how do you get it
easy to say look inside
easy to say do what you doing, follow me

yes, support counts
yes, being cheered on helps
friends and family alike
and from loved ones even more so

but if you don’t feel it internally|
but if there is no external desire
need to find a reason
need to find …

need time to gather my energy
but can’t afford to stop
for everything is running behind schedule
and need to catchup

how do I take the next step
when even being is too much
and I can’t any more

and as time passes
and I fail to be motivated
and more and more it is becoming increasingly difficult
just to survive

and we break the overall goal into mini-tasks
building blocks of achievable steps
but only enough to get by
to stay afloat

is it beneficial to me
and you lose the will to try
and it feels like you doomed before you even start
so why bother
even if indirect

I need to know why I am here
and why I am doing this
and if I don’t want to be here
is there another way to fill the need


3 Responses

  1. hmmm, you got me thinkin on this one… as always, I luv the pics!!

    • l can relate to what you are expressing, and when l feel l am not motivated, what jumpstarts me again… well if l look at you blog, though all the pictures are constantly changing… Mikail’ hand prints dont… He is the silent reminder why it is all worth it; though it may be tough at times… (I think of Jay) Should I be replying on your blog??? Im really shy…. 🙂

      • Perfect place to comment. and so true!!! and yes M & J do make it all worth it for us. always!!!

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