Missing my lil sweetpea

It’s that time again when its holiday and he is away for more than just the weekend.

but more than away he is not accessible either, or rather should I say reachable via a telephone line.

and it just saddens me that I don’t get to even say hi to him.

on other days I am at work, I know I can phone him after school, and I do.

and if he wants to talk to me my mom calls me, and he gets to talk to me.

he knows I am just a call away.

but not now, ‘cos even when he wants to he can’t.

When he goes away I miss him incredibly.

yesterday with so many kids around I missed my not so ‘lil sweet pea.

one day when he is bigger he will be able to call me

and be able to say what he wants

for now I just have to bite the bullet and stick it out.

I want him to go, I want him to build a proper relationship.

it’s just the total isolation and being cut-off in the process that I just can’t ever get used to

and I don’t think its irrational at all!

 I love you my sweetpea!!

and even when I’m not with you

you always in my heart.

or as you say ” there is a GPS linking your brain to mine” and my heart to yours!!!!

…so you know I am thinking of you

Always & Forever


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