Being Home

It was one of those days that it hit me again… I was home :).

It was one of those sweet nostalgic moments that you just appreciate beyond words. And I don’t really know how to express what I was feeling at that moment, but to say the feeling hit some time in the early hours of sunday morning (/late saturday night) after everyone had left and I could stay… and the feeling lasted all through the day.


I would have been the one leaving at 10 because I had passengers to drop and my mom was waiting for me and my father was stressing when am I going to be home because I am driving alone… or the two of you would have driven with just so I don’t end up driving alone because you are concerned about me…

except now I was home with both of you. Kids all fast asleep, mom asleep and so were you.

It gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Sad no one was around when I realised it, so it was not a feeling shared. I did tell you about it afterward, some time during the day so not totally lost.

And Sunday morning I got up to make breakfast. I went outside to the stoep. and was immobilized. times stood still. It was moments like this that made it worth it. And I was completely alone. But yet had everything.

The weather was perfect. Birds were chirping. Sun was just peeking its rays over the mountain peaks. The heat hadn’t yet start to radiate to the level that made you want to stand still, laze about and not move a muscle. A slight breeze wafting around making it a perfect morning.

And I just stood there, watching the sun make its appearance into the day.

It was the sweetness of the moment. I pictured you lying on the bench with pillows strewn across it, and the reed chairs being back where it was and the three of us sharing an early morning cup of coffee. or breakfast. Except you were sleeping.

I sighed.

A moment which so often played itself out over last year, except it was me coming here for the day. And having to leave again as night falls. Or later, but before sleep hits. Me coming early morning. Us having breakfast and doing whatever the day held.

Now this is home 🙂

No-one could even dare to try wipe off the smile off my face at that second.

The beeping microwave from inside brought me back to reality. I walked away, smiling, tired but smiling. I made the cereal and gave my son breakfast. I sent off a sms, and through myself back into bed.

Sleep hit soon, since I didn’t get much earlier. And then she brought me breakfast. I lifted my head, but could not do much more than mumble. And sleep continued.

When I arose again, the two of you were sitting marking scripts on the stoep. lol. 🙂

Preparing for tomorrow. Back to school. Getting everything ready.

So I joined 🙂


5 Responses

  1. So glad you are home… You are at your home, my home. Our home!!!

  2. The blog seems to be a nice one. Everyone feels happy to being at home. Me too feels very happy when i reach my home on weekends.

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    I come from itlay, I was fortunate to come cross your Topics in baidu
    Also I get a lot in your website really thanks very much i will come again

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