Forces which try to rule

Often the humdrum of daily life overtakes
negativity gained by the battle of life becomes the mountain we climb
and we see nothing else but the all-encompassing
all-engulfing force that sucks all force
that consumes all energies
and with that we cannot see beyond what becomes not the pit
but the valley we find ourselves in
and the beauty is never out of sight
but all we feel is the force
the powerful force
is it guilt for others’ struggles
could I have avoided this, not for me, but for others?
or is it just that you pain for the pain you are causing?
I need to go beyond this.

for in going beyond
you find inner peace
for I am stronger than the force
Allah is stronger that this force
and Allah is never far
and I trust He would never leave me
so therefore I can go beyond this!!!


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