Redefining frontiers

with time, and with time-outs
we often gain much value and appreciation
for what is in our lives
re-affirmation of the path we took
decisions of direction forward
inner peace of what was
and for what happened
and with that you look for new ways
and better methods to make things easier for all of us

when things feel amiss
and out of balance
it often is a good thing to step back
and that is what this week past was about
stepping back,stepping out

then the question becomes: what next?

next is to re-define

to take what lessons learnt
not forget it

define what?

new frontiers
new directions

but with newness comes difficulty
and its own trials
pains of adjustment
pains of losses of what has been treasured
pains of dreams not realised which was still being chased which now will never be realised

so what did i destroy

or what did i create

perhaps to focus on what is
and creation of a better future
rather that that which is never to be
and to make what is filled with what we want
comfort, joy, peace, love, care

being treasured and the joint roads taken
which brings support and friendship
is still the chosen path
so now to define the smoothest road
and define the boundaries which still defines the path we want
maintaining who are
and stay true to ourselves

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  1. A lot of wisdom in your words! 🙂

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