Searching for more

I am

Searching for more in my life

searching for inspiration

or do I already know where to find it?

There are needs
the need to move forward
the need to grow is pushing up again

to gain more knowledge
to grow
to be stimulated
to find interests
to move forward

I put off doing
as there was so many things

too many changes, adaptations
will I cope
can we manage
will it be good for me?

stagnation is not the way to go
it is not me
it is not what I want

so what to do now?

Well, looking at the feelings …

going back to study
gain more knowledge
stimulate what interests
pursue directions that need to be taken

but it’s not just about doing more different things
for my life is so full already
it’s about doing that which will bring fulfillment
enrichment, contentment

so do things not for the sake of doing
but for the sake of learning
gaining, moving forward

it is what is prescribed anyway
Isnt IT

Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave (Hadith)

Its time for ME to think of what ME needs


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