Incentives to getting the right results

I read a post recently that got me thinking. How do we get results. For ourselves and from others. From others, as a manager, as a parent, as a person.

Then added to that I went on a course last week called “Effective Communication” One of those courses we do to improve skills at work, or should I rather say a developmental workshop. Outlined was four different personality types. We should deal with people differently based on whether they listeners or talkers, action people, or planning people.

According to the profiling done in the workshop, I was a person who listens, fosters care and peace and wants and flourishes in a good working environment where people work in harmony together. Inter-personal relations is high on the priority list for me. Now for anyone who knows me will know this to be true.

But still the question is where my motivation lies and how you can get the most from anyone. Well, according to the course is being able to recognise who you are dealing with, and operate not on your strong point, but recognising what their way of communication is, and focus on reaching them.

Now moving on and putting methods of communication aside, back to my original question: how do you actually get results?

Well …

I suppose I can only speak from personal experience. So here is my contribution of 5 cents:

  • You want something from me, don’t piss me off
  • work with me, not against me
  • don’t be false and pretentious
  • be willing to meet each other half way

And if you are the leader/team leader/supervisor/manager

  • be willing to jump in if necessary to assist, not only to troubleshoot but pull your weight when the need arises
  • be willing to take the punches when need be
  • then have initiative and get up and do not just what you have to, but looking to how things could be better


When showing concern about another person with regard to private issues, do not use this against the person. Be supportive and assist each other. We are all human and each have our own burdens to carry and at times it is harder for some than others. But we each have our crosses to bear.

In terms of internal motivation, well, that’s a different kettle of fish entirely. It’s a matter of knowing why you in there. Why we do what we do. And the thing is it doesn’t need to be a big thing. It just needs to be enough for us to latch onto to keep us going. Personal fulfillment is a big one and probably gives the biggest joy. Financial reward especially to breadwinners and to those of us who has debts is enough to keep many of us going. For each of us its a different thing. Our skills, learnt acquired or trained leads us into specified directions. And plodding forward, where it be to put food on the table, to afford the car we drive, to buy that extra toy at the end of the month  to see the smile on our little one’s faces, to afford that holiday away at the end of the year or just so we can indulge ourselves and our loved ones ,we do it gladly, willingly and sometimes enthusiastically.

Bottom line is knowing why we do what we doing, finding enjoyment and hold onto the good of what we do.   Do it because you can. Do it because YOU want to!


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