Why, where, who, what?

A mouthful of questions
only questions
how do you answer when the questions are too many
which do you address first

being lost
gaining perspectives
gaining vantage points
much reflecting

the questions seem to matter less now
new questions have come up
the main one seems to be

Well …


How to implement
How to go about it
what to do next
what to do first

it seems to be a matter of doing
I started yesterday
I did one thing
it was not the easiest thing to do

today I did not one
but two
so now the ball is rolling


and slowly we will get there
slowly I will get my ducks in a row
I will get back on track
and be on top of it all again

for I am more
I am ME
and I have yous on my side
and I have ALLAH right with me

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