Shifts to Empowerment

It’s weird how you allow
what you normally would set as a line
and it so easily becomes the norm
and you forget

how do you define new boundaries
once the boundaries have been set
and once they been shifted to beyond
where you want it to be 

how do you convey the message
what you want
what you need and
what you perceive

even more difficult
is changing the perception of another
for even when you shift
no one sees the shift

the moves are internal
changes in perception
changes in motivation
changes in intentions

this is not reflected externally
except to those who know you
the tone in your voice
the spring in your step

and only when you start actualising
and implementing these changes
does anyone even realise
the integral leaps that have been taken


and even when you take these steps
because they are small
it doesn’t necessarily have an impact to cause changes in anyone 
but you

in your self-awareness
in your enthusiasm for tackling whatever is ahead
in your execution of what needs to be
in order to remove the repugnance of elements abhorred 

the ripple effect after few things have been done however
gives me the self-confidence to continue on the path of change
necessary change
essential to my being alive

not breathing
but living
and having that triumphant sense of victory


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