Sincerity in friendships

When I look at myself
and think of me
and put myself first
then it becomes personal
look at private spaces
and what is me and mine
where to place personal boundaries
and where I allow people in

somehow now it is an issue
because I used to have walls
and layers
and allow certain people in
probably due to my own insecurity
and due to previous pain caused
and automatic protection of the self
so we do what we need to in order to preserve

so now I’ve allowed people in
cos I believe there are those who truly care
and that will not hurt me
and realising its safe to break down the walls

and now the walls are lowered, broken
and it becomes easier to trust not only those closest
and those who are close too and who and sincerely caring of you
so it becomes easier to entrust, share and be open

at the same time and exactly because of being open
it is so much easier to get hurt
to feel more be it pain or joy, its felt tenfold
and so much easier to reach my core

it has its positives definitely
for I am also able to appreciate sincerity so much more
it’s as if my senses have sharpened too
for I spot falseness miles away

so as much as I say it’s easier to reach my core
my perceptiveness sharpened
and warmth increased
but seems to attract only those who are truly friends

maybe because I am more ME
a new, stronger self has emerged
one intent on surrounding myself with reality
and not just continuing blindly on the path of plod


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