Where is your line

where is the point you feel intruded upon

sensitivities is important in respecting another person’s personal space

there are so often people out there that push the boundaries

between right and wrong

and into your personal private space

there are many forms it takes to cross lines

abuse is not only sexual

there are so many other forms of verbal and emotional abuse

its basic human rights

respecting the other human being as that: a person


so often females are blamed for not saying no

but what about your own right

especially when its a friend

when person gets close

 what is the line between offending someone and what is truly inappropriate

even more so when it is a family member

how do you say bugger off

especially when it is someone who is supposed to be your protector

what about when you are little

what if we talk about children being abused

by one who you so easily are entrusted to

a caregiver even

it happens so often

and everyone just turns blind eyes

or even says no, it can’t be

 well you have to live with it for the rest of your life

lives in the shadows which haunt you

and it comes up to the fore from time to time

and affects day-to-day

is it because it was never dealt with, acknowledged

prosecution and persecution was absent

and feels like the line was crossed but invasion was never rectified

fear remained

it was the invasion of me

if they don’t respect you why should you respect them!

but do respect yourself 

it can be overcome

with love

with support

with dealing with it

it’s not a reflection of you


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