Finding your song

Remember the movie Happy feet?
yes, the one with the penguins
remember how the teacher struggled to teach Memphis sing but it was important for Memphis to sing for it is your heart song which attracts your soul-mate. And you had to look inside yourself to find your own song. And sing it with your soul. Oh, what a beautiful voice gloria had. 

Now… Imagine for a second, unlike Memphis who could never find his voice, that your voice, though not brilliant, below average by normal standards, you still had a voice. One you were proud of because it was yours. and it was strong because of the path you walked before. and because you know the journey you travelled. Now imagine with all your pride that your voice was silenced. how would you feel.

Now for a bit of personal story for me from my past, lets jump back 12,10 or 5 years:
I thought he liked me for me. But it was soon apparent that he abhorred everything I stood for. So all those silent songs, the humming, was soon silenced. maybe not soon, but sure enough it was silenced. for every time it was sung it caused a fight. So afterwards it was humming in my head only. but soon that stopped too. I was too scared to listen to music.

Yes, if we were somewhere else other than home, where music could not be controlled something would sometimes catch my attention. If the radio was playing in the car it was more traumatic, and filled with anxiety, for I usually spent my time praying that the next song would not be something that would invoke a memory and argument to ensue. Please let it not be a Michael Jackson song, for that for sure would be an argument for the next week.

So  be it me humming ‘Khabi khabi mere dil mein”  or something like “you got the best of me, common and take the rest of me” or “I’ve found a masterpiece in you a work of art it’s true And I treasure you my love” it all slowly died. it wasnt worth it. It wasnt worth keeping different songs alive in me, which all were special to me for different reasons, and it had very little to do with my life at that time. So whether it was Bryan Adams,  Michael Bolton or whatever else I happened to like it was all stomped on and made to be meaningless.

So now I’ve pieced back my life. I listen to music again. Found new favourites. Revived old ones…

I’ve found happiness again

So why is that song not playing in my head.

I can’t seem to find my song 

Perhaps like Memphis who had to start tap dancing to Gloria’s tune to find his soul mate, I need to find my niche, and start tap dancing. For I am on the other side. I’ve found my soul mate. And I don’t live in shadows, least of all my own!!!

Just gotta find the song 🙂


4 Responses

  1. u will find that song glad you happy could see it

  2. no need to find your song, it will find you!

  3. SisterWoman, your song will change from time to time, from day to day, and mood to mood. It swirls within you and is a part of you. It is in your soul.

    Seek it out. Find your authentic self. Everything you do to nurture yourself and to make yourself happy adds a note to that song.

  4. 🙂
    all in time

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