Flower in a cactus

Dryness, parched conditions
of the desert plains
out of the barren lands
cactus grows
thick oily leaves
to preserve the moisture within
the precious water
which gives life
carries life
nourishes the essence
nurturing and cultivating growth
and in the midst of  the thorny shrub
grows a flower
a dainty little blossom
its skimpy petals fluttering in the wind
sometimes a gentle breeze
else gusty and gale force winds
amidst sandstorms
beauty where you least expect
even in the extreme conditions
if you can you grow
a bee buzzing nearby
reminding you of how life attracts life
and how growth in one causes flourishing not in one
but in an array of different areas
affecting sometimes all parts
and spilling to external

Postscript note:
even under extreme conditions you can grow and the growth spills over into many facets of life



2 Responses

  1. So go ahead look toward the sun and grow…

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