Therapy without therapy

Getting support you need to deal with adversity can come in many forms. For me, for a large portion of the past few years, a formal therapy setting was an essential to dealing with all the krap I’ve been through. Especially since many of the things were unnecesarily drawn out in order to consciously deplete me, my energy levels and my resistance.

For me, I could not turn to family or friends, since I could not seem to find a place, a sanctuary to unload. A psychologist friend recomended therapy and gave me some people to contact. I reached out. And it was a good run.

at a certain point you evaluate lifelines

therapy was no longer one

the support I have around me is what i need

thank you.

I love yous

I have my family
I have true friends
I have strong bonds

I am loved

I have support

I am treasured for being me

I am cared for

I have various outlets:
people to speak to
I journal
I have my blog
I have facebook to bring me closer to loved ones who are far away

many things that I didn’t before

so now I don’t need the lifelines I used to

for now I have new ones


thank you


2 Responses

  1. Indeed, how true this is. It’s like the tide. As you depart from one means of support, others flow in… and as they grow, they make room for others as they leave, and receive support from people like you, who have grown and can reach out.


  2. …and so the cycle continues

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