Splitting focus

actually wrote this last night, but didn’t feel right posting it
guess i just wasnt in the right space, but here goes ….

how do you manage to split your focus
when 100% is required all over
when you need to do for yourself
but you needed elsewhere

you put yourself aside
and do not focus on yourself
but those things which need your attention
but for how long can you keep it up

except that it is not only one thing
but many things that depend on you
so what happens then
what takes highest priority

but …

each thing affects the another

the ripple effects cannot stop

so where do you begin

and where does the cycle end

or is it just perpetuated with different needs at different times


work – urgent

travelling  – urgent

health – beyond urgent

and the list goes on and on


3 Responses

  1. If you do not take care of yourself and your needs FIRST and COMPLETELY, your soul will die and there will be none of yourself left to care for the needs of others, Sisterwoman.

    It’s like when you are on an airplane… the crew is giving their instructions, and they state “place the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then upon any child with whom you are traveling.”

    Self love is not the same thing as selfishness. Breathe the oxygen! 😉

  2. but what first, your soul or the daily routine stuff that becomes and seems to be more urgent: work, finances, etc

    the answer seems easy to say first yourself, first your soul, but harder to implement.
    now trying to juggle all at the same time 🙂
    little of everything

  3. so true. But taking care of yourself when your nature is to take care of others is not the easiest thing. And in addition that same nature of helping prevents the helper from being able to reach out when in need

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