Sometimes we start on a path not knowing
just like we did before 
and what is to be found on the other side
no-one knows

yes, you went out
looking for something to add value to life
for happiness and joy
to uphold truth and integrity

to bring those already close, closer
to care for those we love better
to share what we have

and we not always sure what the results will be
but what we do know is that life is not stagnant
and moving forward, sometimes into the scary unknown is the only way

so, with loved ones at our side
and support intertwined with every move we make
ahead we go

and sometimes, just sometimes
that makes it all worth it
all the uncertainty and fear

we find that which adds value
that gives joy
that adds blessings

we find something irreplaceable

it adds love and gives value

we live our lives better

and it gives us strength to go further even more



2 Responses

  1. then serendipity it is now and will be tomorrow and the next day:)

    • yes.. and in hope of serendipity we march forward proudly together 🙂

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