Shifts, adjustments and more

In order to overcome you sometimes need to step back and assess and see what the situation is and how to address the problem how to overcome go over or around in order to see the bigger picture.

Once you know what you are dealing with you can then decide on strategy: the how to do it; who is involved : and then actual implementation. But even this, we can’t always do on our own. So don’t be scared to call in help: but that being said the whole world can’t help either.

But the stepping back is not always easy cos with anything that means something, you are emotionally involved, invested from your core, your own expectations intermingled …

And the minute you see the other side, or see differently, you need to deal with the emotion, not bury it and continue as if nothing happened. You need to internalise the change and incorporate it into forward planning. Easier said than done, I know – because we are emotional beings.

So once you know what you dealing with, adjust your viewpoint what now?

Shift your actions going forward accordingly to prevent disaster. Disaster being either failure of the project or protection of emotions. But either way something has gotta give.

In order to get to the goal post. So call it forward planning or call it self-preservation, it’s a necessary evil to achieve what you want. It’s just not always easy because not only do we get tired when struggling to overcome obstacles, we get involved, we invest ourselves emotionally in what we want, so emotions have to be accounted for.

So continue trying!!!!

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