A question of having patience

Someone else’s blog post got me thinking,
a random question I suppose,
but the person was ranting about not having any….

Suppose its a question of imaan
of belief and trust

sometimes a difficult beast to tame
for reason has to overcome action
and quite often instinct is to jump up
instead of having patience

and how do you know the time is right
how do you know when enough is enough
and when to act or not to act
or is life but a permanent waiting game

and having chosen the right time
has repercussions
sometimes to last a lifetime
positive or negative

if you jump too early
it can create a big stink
and then you have to clean up the mess

waiting till too late
can leave feelings of helplessness
degraded self-confidence
and having permanently missed the bus

so how to find the balance
of a master-art called patience
a very delicate art
for getting it wrong can be a double-edged sword

when something so near can seem so far
when saying or doing something
can move the object or outcome of desire far away and out of reach
so how

keep going even when no outcome in sight
to let go of the frustration and continue plodding
keeping focussed on the outcome you want

unselfish care
and maybe sometimes a little bit of humor

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