Coming Full Circle

Starting and finishing.

The exhilaration doesn’t compare, especially knowing the journey I had to walk to get here. The meaning and significance of the journey. How I started, where I came from and how I got to where I am now.

Was speaking to someone yesterday. Told her I have gone beyond full circle. She asked what I meant … can’t I just say I have come full circle.

And the truth is no. ‘Cos I have gone beyond…

I have always yearned for things, because there was so much lacking. and I did what I did to gain what I wanted and what I yearned for from a very early stage in my life, in alignment with my own principles. And the path I chose was to maintain my principles but also to attain what I was lacking.

Except the path I chose did not bring that. and I tried, and tried. And in trying I broke down. And became a shell, for each attempt chipped away from who I was into the shell I became.

And the realisation that only a shell remained was a hard one to face, but face it I did. and then started the process of getting up, of rebuilding and climbing out of the hole.

With the help of family and friends to support I did it. I got up. I got out. I became ME again.

Somethings changed, somethings went back to what they were before. But I was me. A new me. But again a me yearning for more, for the same things that were lacking before.

So a search to fill my life with more, with what was lacking, what I always yearned for. And the path was exciting. Finding friends along the way. True friends, with others weeded out or dropping out along the way. Re-establishing old bonds.

And then going beyond. Finding love, being treasured, loved and cared for.


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