Helpless but not without taking ownership

a mouthful
but true!

somehow there is nothing to do
but it’s not like you did nothing

cos you had a part in deciding
and carry your own burdens too

but what now?

how do you change things going forward
is it too much to admit that you had a part in getting here

need to hold onto faith
need to hold onto the good

the closer you move
the less you can be objective
the less you can help

the further you move
the more helpless you are
the more despair sets in

the more despair there is
the more you want to do what aligns to internal
in order to get the despair out

what is internal is to help
to love
to be there
to care

but you can’t

for it is not for you to get to a solution
for it is not your problem to solve

yet to do nothing
defies the very grain of your being
especially cos you care

so wait in the wings
hold onto love and care and truth

for surely strings will eventually be tugged


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