Hope . . . and we at it again

so we pick ourselves up
from a pile of dust
crumbled from that night
when I died a small death

this morning I opened by eyes
a ray catching the corner of my fingers
my fingers curled to hold it
so to give me strength to lift the heaviness
and start a new dawn

with a new zest
I start as if there was no yesterday
yet with more determination
to get it right once more

pain un-soothed
wounds unhealed
recovery not acknowledged as a necessity
yet to crumble does not even create a tremor in the breeze

with another oomph
labelled Hope and Faith
and only ME
I try yet again


2 Responses

  1. so profound…this is me right now….
    luv you!

  2. one day at a time, and reach out when you need to!!!

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