What inspires you to write

Someone wrote on their blog ” Life inconveniences are what fuel my blog” … I was wondering whether that was true for me. And to some extent I suppose it is. For this is my forum to vent. To “talk” through things so that logically I come to sorting through things. It is also a place to voice my philosophical meandering of my mind and to share parts of my life with no one and anyone all at the same time. To share experiences, and feelings.

But most importantly it’s not all negative. It’s whatever is carried in my mind and in my soul which I want to write down. My way of expressing and more importantly a reminder to myself of what i am going through and feeling.

A diary of sorts, a journal of sorts, and my disarray and an insight into ME. Whether it is happiness and joy, trying to plod forward, trudging through my days, feelings explored, and so much more.

An outlet for me, for you to get to know me, if you want…

Friends from afar, people who would ordinarily not be part of my daily life who now stay closer. Some who I never met, others who are near and dear. Thank you for reading, thank you for sharing in my life. Feel free to speak your mind.

Is it like a handprint? I wonder 🙂

but more importantly, the question is ….

DO you want to listen?


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  2. […] What inspires you to write (defyinggravity3.wordpress.com) […]

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