Are we ever limitless

we all have our ceilings
the point at which we cannot any more
what happens then is either that we crumble and fold
or we break
sometimes if we lucky we give way

sometimes we in it alone 
or someone fighting the battle with us

shift in perception can sometimes do wonders to conquer
but to sidestep and go around is not the easiest
and to step backwards goes against the forces of gravity
and is tantamount to going against natural inclinations

so do we do what is easy
or do we go all out to get what we want
but at some point we just hit bricks
and have to let go
until the time is right to try again
or do we walk away and try something else

guess its just shifts in perceptions
different ways in which we see the world

and even if it does mean the world to you
and is completely an internal desire
can you really truly say the words “no matter what”


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